About This Site

Floating Land is an enviromental art festival held at Boreen Point, Queensland every two years.

This blog documents the work of Judy Barrass, as a lead artist for the 2013 Floating Land. Judy talks about the process of chosing a site, becoming familiar with the place, and developing her installation for the festival which will take place in May/June 2013.

The theme for Floating Land 2013 is ‘Natures Dialogue’.  Judy’s final work will be a response to the site, a sort of conversation with the place, and with the ideas behind the festival.  This blog takes the place of a project journal, where sketches, ideas, thoughts, doubts, and possibilities are thought through and developed or discarded.

The image above is a beautiful paperbark tree on the site that will house Judy’s installation in 2013.


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