Final Resting Places

johns2 One of the rewarding things about making an ephemeral installation is that you’re not left with much to store at the end.johns1

I had intended to break up the chairs at the end of Floating Land, but so many people liked them as objects I decided to give them away at the time we de-installed, and let people know they could have one if they came along. They are meant to be ephemeral, to disintegrate over time (as sticks do) and some had already begun this process, but quite a few had held together in the rain and water .

The two largest chairs found a home on John’s property, one in the garden of the little cottage where I stayed. Most of the rest have gone to homes in Boreen Point, and whatever remained went to the community gardens – Veggie Village at Peregian.

It was a rewarding process, giving away the chairs and seeing how delighted the new owners were with their new friends. I hope they don’t expect they will last forever, but I hope they last long enough to give them joy.

Off to the Veggie Village at Peregian

Off to the Veggie Village at Peregian


Two patient ladies who drove up from Caboulture





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