Projections at Dusk – Transition to a New Reality

PROJDUSK3One of the joys of being able to stay near to the site is being able to walk down and take photographs or try things at various times of the day. Rain has been either constant or a constant threat for most of the time, so dragging out projectors, electrical leads, tripods and cameras has not been done often, but I did get a couple of clear nights. On the first night, after knocking over a tripod and retrieving a projector from the mud (thankfully only slightly damaged and still working) I learnt the valuable lesson that I should set up in daylight. On the second night, having done that, I discovered that projecting at dusk provided a  transition between the two states of the installation – the daytime chairs silently communing with Nature and the lake, and the nighttime amphitheatre where the site reflected back through projected images.PROJDUSK2PROJDUSK4

As the darkness took over, the lake disappeared and the entrance to the inlet closed over. It was then a different, theatrical space, alive with moving imagery and colour.PROJDUSK6It had always been my intention to have two states of reality for the installation, but I hadn’t bargained on this wonderful opportunity for a transitional phase. It’s quite magical watching the lake and surrounds disappear over about 15 minutes as the projections take over.


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