Installation Day – Chair Two and Three

I don’t intend to give a blow by blow description of the installation of every chair, but the first three were the biggest and the hardest. It seems it’s always the way, you have to do the hardest bits first when you haven’t a clue how it’s going to pan out, or even if it’s possible.

Chair two, had to be installed at the farthest possible point, at the entrance to the inlet, and Di had the brilliant idea of making a raft out of an old pallet she found lying in the bush. So with some rope borrowed from my wonderful landlord (who was willing to take down a clothesline to oblige), ConTiki Chair Raft was launched. All Jim had to do was wade out along the mangroves taking the rope with him and then pull the raft out and remove the chair. Sound simple?

Lesson One: Install the farthest chair first because if you don’t the next one has to go past it, and will definitely get entangled.lesson one

Lesson Two: The rope has to long enough to go all the way, otherwise you need a secondary landing point with attendant problems.sinking

Lesson Three: An old bent, waterlogged pallet might not be the best raft for a badly balanced chair tied to a very heavy metal plate.

Lesson Four: Don’t get the chair off the raft inside a mass of tree branches and reeds. It’s going to be very hard to get out of there.placing chair 2

In the end it worked and Jim persevered, going out a second time to make sure the chair was in the perfect position. Getting back out wasn’t as easy as it seemed, and there was one point where I thought he would sink into the murky depths never to be seen again.sinking jim

I’m pleased to say chair three went in place without a hitch, mainly because my back was turned and my attention elsewhere negotiating floodlights and digging in power leads and such. Jim and Di deserve the credit.

So, with three chairs in place, and the rain starting it seemed like a good time to retreat and consider how we were going to cope with the next 20 or so chairs. Tomorrow is another day and tonight is for drinking red wine and listening to the wind.chair 2 in place


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