Converging Realities -Projection Experiments


The title of my installation for Floating Land is Converging Realities.  The chairs, the first part of the installation, are a metaphor for human interaction with the landscape, but the work is about a two way process, a conversation with the environment.

I’ve chosen to represent that conversation by projection, which at night transforms the quiet inlet into a place where the natural environment speaks back. In the daytime during the festival I’ll be showing screen based imagery of the night time projections.

Each night that I’ve been in Boreen Point after dark I’ve gone down to the inlet and tried out projectors, imagery, video, looking for something that will work on the vegetation there and as part of the installation. I only have a hand held and a portable projector, not enough to light up the  whole area as I hoped, but they are doing remarkably well and so long as the globes hold out I can use two together and get something happening.

It’s been great to be here in Boreen Point in this pre-festival week to let the site and the place speak to me in developing the imagery for the projections. It’s limited by what colours and contrasts will work, but it is a product of my own reactions to the landscape here.

Tonight, after the first chairs have been installed, and before the torrential rain and wind started, it was exciting to take some of that imagery and see how it might look on the installation. There are only three chairs installed so far,  but the projection  looks good, and I’m excited about the possibilities.






4 thoughts on “Converging Realities -Projection Experiments

  1. wow ……this looks spectacular……wish I could see it for real…….excellent job Judy …..and your helpers…….

  2. A fantastic installation Judy – congratulations. I love the chairs and conversations with the environment. What a challenge you, Di and Jim faced setting it up. A fascinating read. Enjoy your time at Boreen Point. Wish I could see Floating Land in person, but thanks for sharing your wonderful artwork.

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