Next Frames in the Slow Motion Movie

lakesideToday we took some of the installation and various bits out to what will be my home for a few weeks; made the bed; stocked the cupboard with essentials; fixed the tap; and had coffee and conversation on our host’s verandah, where a whistling kite sang a sweet song, and John, our host played a video for us. Watching the Joyous Dance video is compulsory for John’s visitors, and a sure way to have them leave happier than when they came. If the video is not enough his Springer Spaniel ‘Cleo’ will make your day.



HOME for the duration

HOME for the duration

I took images  which I will incorporate into a video to be projected as part of Balance Unbalance which will be running concurrently with the first three days of Floating Land. I’ll be speaking at one of the sessions on Sunday  May 2nd about my work for Floating Land and doing a projection performance as part of the entertainment for the Pecha Kucha night on the 31st. So, there’s a bit of overlap that can work in my favour as the video sequences I develop for Balance Unbalance will also form part of the installation projection for Floating Land :).

We sampled the fare at the local pub, which is like a siren in this small community, calling the unwary onto the rocks. A great setting for lunch  on a beautiful, balmy afternoon, but the food is nothing much to bring you back again.

Every time I venture out to Boreen Point I come home with a sort of peace, birdsong, and the shapes and lines of vegetation around the lake. I’m looking forward to Floating Land.






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