Chair Obsession

chairstore1In the past few years I’ve made small objects and/or worked in digital format, so I’d forgotten what happens when you work over time on a largish installation. The last time this happened I was working on a solo exhibition painting PVC pipes and our house became an obstacle course through painted totem poles. But now it’s chairs that populate each spare corner of the house and studio.

Each has its own personality. Short, tall, wide or narrow, slightly crooked or steadfastly upright. We’ll be living with them for a few weeks yet, so they’ll be old friends by the time we take them out to the installation site.Getting them out to Boreen Point is going to be interesting. Whenever they touch they cling madly to each other, intertwining and interlocking, so that prising them apart is an exercise in caution. You may see me coaxing tangled chairs down to the water’s edge, and if you listen very closely maybe you’ll hear their screams. paperchairs4

The chair obsession has spilled over into other parts of my life. I’ve been collecting chairs on Pinterest  (  and templates for paper chairs. I’ve begun to play with these templates, making tiny paper chairs with ultra out there personalities.  They offer up possibilities for including elements of dialogue and narrative and are certainly easier to make than wooden chairs. Something to do in my spare hours perhaps.


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