Pick Up Sticks

forest2 I’ve discovered that even one small chair actually takes a lot of timber, and when that timber is made up of sticks picked up in forests and woodlands that’s a lot of picking up bundles of sticks. The other thing you discover then is that picking up bundles of sticks is not so easy as it sounds. They have a mind of their own when it comes to trying to fit in with the other sticks in the bundle, and mostly they just won’t. So when Sue Davis said she had straightish sticks on her property at Eumundi it seemed like a good idea to get some, and despite the wet weather we headed on out to Sue and Ray’s forest.

forestIt doesn’t look it in the pictures, but it’s actually quite a steep slope. Add wet clay and grass, heat and humidity, and picking up sticks was not the casual stroll you might imagine, but it was a beautiful forest and we were serenaded by hundreds of rainbow lorikeets feasting on the quandong fruits in the trees. You can get a taste of what it sounded like HERE.

Sue was right, the sticks were pretty straight and bundling was easy in comparison to the caruarinas we’ve been using, but of course getting all those bundles into the back of the car was when they didn’t seem quite so straight.

I’m looking forward to playing with these sticks. jim thinks they might be too brittle for the large chairs, but we’ll make a few to try them out.

Thanks to Sue and Ray for sharing their forest with us.


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