Programme Launch – Floating Land 2013

floating land opening2We gathered at the river in Tewantin for the official launch of the Floating Land 2013 programme today.floating land 1 There were dignitaries, bureaucrats, and a smattering of artists in the brilliant sunshine who were treated to the delightful sounds of  Louise King’s cello, and food and drink, and the first of the bark canoes was officially christened with fire in the traditional manner. Lyndon Davies was a brilliant storyteller for the Gubbi Gubbi as usual.

Highlight of the day for me was Linsey Pollak’s haunting musical performance made up from the sounds of  extinct and endangered species from around the world. A wistful crowd looked out across the river as Linsey performed his musical magic behind us. floating land opening

The day was all about the launch of the programme for Floating Land 2013. Bigger than Ben Hur and certainly more entertaining than Australian politics, it promises to be a programme with something for everyone and then even more. Congratulations to Di Mills and the team for putting it together. Can’t wait to see it all come to pass. Programmes are downloadable from the Floating Land site.floating land1


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