Time for Indecisions, Visions and Revisions…………………..


Work has begun on building some of the pieces of the installation. Jim has kindly given over his shed to chair construction since it just won’t stop raining long enough for me to work outside.  gun

I can’t believe just how much wood goes into one chair.

The biodegradable plastic I’m using to fix things together is working fine with only a few scalded fingers and although my chairs are not ergonomically correct I’m pretty happy that they’ll stay together. I was never meant to be a carpenter, so glueng and binding suits me just fine.

Work goes on slowly.

A new glue gun is a wondrous thing.drawing



I’ve been pondering on how to anchor the chairs into the water. Since there’s a tide (not much, but HOW much) and different water levels across the site I’m thinking I need some understructure sinking into the mud, but what. There’s a lot of different drawings and diagrams and discarded ideas floating around our house at the moment. It will need some experimentation on our local lake. Watch this space.

I guess if the chairs float down the lake it will be ‘part of the conversation’, just not the one I thought I was having.







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