Things Change


There’s an old theatre adage about never working with kids or animals. Similar advice might be given to artists who attempt to work with Nature.

As part of the ‘conversation’ the lake and the Noosa River showed its personality after recent heavy rains. My peaceful little inlet site became a lot more watery. As Di Mills said ‘Converging realities’ might just become ‘Submerging Realities’. Thanks to Corrie Wright for sending me images of the site during the floods while I’ve been basking in the Sunshine of Bruny Island.

Since the area has been opened up a bit by the floods there seem to be a lot more boats moored along the foreshore and a lot more vehicular traffic using the area (including this little inlet) to launch boats. These two fishing boats seem to have made my site their home.

I guess things may change again before the festival. We’ll wait and see. Part of the conversation is seeing the lake in all its guises.



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