Experiments with Construction

My Floating Land installation next year will be an extension of a conversation and reflection that began in 2007 at Cataract  Gorge in Tasmania.   In one of my installations in the Gorge I used chairs as a metaphor for human interaction with Nature. At the time I was thinking about the Victorian ideals that preserved the Gorge and the human  interventions that came as a result. Since then  I have reflected on on the transient nature of attidudes to nature and the way they are a product of  the culture of the time. For Floating Land I intend to again use chairs as a metaphor for human contemplation of and interaction with the natural environment. It’s a long time since I made those chairs in Tasmania, so today marks the beginnings of learning and becoming comfortable with the medium and the process, so later the thinking can take over.

Jim, my support volunteeer for the project and I set off this morning to collect sticks in the local park. It’s close to human habitation and often used for dumping garden waste (yes, thumbs down!), so there’s piles of raw materials for a budding chair builder.

The chairs in Tasmania were cobbled together with string and hot wax, but for these chairs I’m experimenting with a new plastic polymer which is non-toxic and biodegradable. It’s not so easy to use . My first attempts are a bit clumsy and I have burnt fingers, but the idea is there. Watch this space.


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