Starting the Conversation – Site Visit October 14th 2012

Boreen Point is showing its best side on a still, sunny Sunday morning. The birds are singing. There’s a row of cars and boat trailers around the ramp and a few people rigging their sailing boats. A couple launch their kayaks and take their dog out for a swim in the lake. All seems in harmony and peace.

I’d chosen the site for my installation on a visit with the Floating Land administration team during the week. Today was the beginning of the conversation, the first interchange in a dialogue with this place.

It is a beautiful site I’ve chosen, shady and sheltered with mangroves, water reeds, a small inlet of water, and a magnificent big tree with horizontal branches.

Today the small water inlet was being used by some tiny birds who fluttered round and round over the water. There were no insects, but I know this is going to be an issue. It’s also going to be hard to walk around without disturbing the mangroves and ground covers.

The conversation was mainly me taking photos and Jim doing some quick site plans and checking the orientation and distances, but still the place works its magic and a dreamy  calm falls over you like a veil.

I like the textures and the feeling of enclosure. Even the big tree seems to stand protectively with its arms outstretched. This morning, with only the ripple of a wind on the lake, there were brilliant reflections.The mud is very soft, I shoud be able to push sticks down quite a way  to anchor the installation peices. The growth around the site is dense enough to take nightime projections that can tranform the place into an enclosure like a theaterette.




The thing I like most about the site is the feeling that it is a ‘place’ not just a dot along a foreshore, but a spot with its own character and meaning. It is like a little room set in the foreshore. The small stand of reeds almost closes off the entrance to the  inlet.

There was plenty of activity. A four wheel drive and boat trailer were parked right at the entrance to the little inlet. There is trash amongst the mangroves. I have a feeling this spot was used for launching boats before there was a boat ramp a little further along the shore. The inlet might be part of that past dialogue with humans, now being reclaimed by nature. There is certainly plenty of human acivity and usage of the lake foreshore on the weekend.



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